Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Miss You Always

Yes you, Mott's Clamato Caesar. You're not just a cocktail, old friend. You truly are a work of art.
My friend Phil makes the best caesars in the world. He has a gift. Happy memories -- often I would go to work hungover as shit and Philly would pour me a tall, extra spicy glass of deliciousness. Virgin, of course (winking emoticon, smiley face with a tongue, another winking emoticon). Those were the days.

There are few things I wouldn't do to drink a caesar right now-- illegal, immoral, whatever.

So please, the next time you enjoy this fantastic Canadian beverage, pour a sip on the floor for your hurting bredren (bredrenette?) in Doha. One for you, and one for your homie.

Loud sigh. Single tear.


  1. I'll have one today and pour some out. Thanks for the shout out! Yours will come soon, I'd put it in my most recent drinking story but I don't think you want your name to be anywhere near that story.

  2. Meredith, interested to hear your opinion on my favorite comfort drink "Koala Springs" - specifically the Lemon, Lime and Orange flavour.

  3. Gord- haha probably best you kept me out of the story. I'm just happy I was there the next morning. The mixed look of pride, revulsion and pain on your face was unforgettable.

    Mike- what is Koala Springs? If it ain't made with clams, I'm not interested.


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