Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fruity Delights

Holy crow, are smoothies ever good. I'm enjoying one right now. They're the greatest things ever. NOM. The best way to eat fruit and juice and ice is definitely via blending . Eating a banana isn't my kind of fun. I don't like the stringy guys that come off as you peel one. Very unappetizing. I love you smoothie, tall glass of nutritional goodness. Bringer of light and berries to my little world.

How can something that is soooo delicious be sooo good for you, when the opposite is almost always true? Or half-opposite. Happosite? I'm rusty.
I can't believe I forgot how tasty these things are. My romance with smoothies was rekindled just yesterday, when DKM and I got back from the Ritz. It was a geat evening-- we had access to the club lounge, with free food and drink, so I downed enough champagne to sedate a horse. On our way home, we bought a bunch of fresh fruit with which to detox. This probably isn't what room service had in mind for these cookies when they were brought to our room, but they left TWO! What did they expect? Really.

Back at home, I started to make a delicious smoothie treat, when DKM said, "no offense (offence?) but can we make ours separately?"
I said, "sure, none taken," while totally insulted. I then suggested we hold a smoothie-off, to see whose would taste better. Instant competition. Life is more interesting that way.

We presented his mother with our fruity concoctions and asked her to judge. For the record, it was a blind tasting. I won. My smoothie was deemed best, probably because it was made with gritty determination. It didn't taste bitter at all, I assure you.

DKM added maple syrup to his and accused me of being uncanadian because I didn't like it. What in cold hell? He deserved to lose.

This has nothing to do with anything but I just watched Thursday's episode of the Office.
"You know what's cooler than a triceratops? Every other dinosaur that ever existed!"

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