Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few thoughts about my iTunes

Do you ever look back on your old taste in music and TV and feel really embarrassed for your former self? I do.

My iTunes on shuffle is a horrifying trip down memory lane. Sometimes, shuffle cooperates with me, and I'm all like, "I have the greatest taste in music. Everyone should hope to be like me." Most of the time however, my shuffle experience is more like "ahhh why did I download that? Was I drunk? Diddy? For reals? I thought I had censors preventing assholes like you from entering my computer space."

A lot of my tastes suck. I have John Denver and Carly Simon albums in my library. You cannot play these at parties. It would be hard for people to have fun when Denver's duet with Placido Domingo is playing. Nobody wants to get misty at a party.

Sure, I have questionable taste, but sometimes it's not my fault. After I watched Juno last year, I downloaded the entire soundtrack, tears still fresh. I even paid for it legally. Big mistake.

Whenever anything from that album comes on my itunes, it makes me want to delete my entire library and never listen to music again. That Kimya Dawson* lady is the worst. She is really, really good at annoying me. I am a vampire, I am a vampire. I thought I told you to SHUTTTT UPPPPPPPP. Jerkface.

*Don't watch that video I linked to, unless you want to hate an entire room of people at once. That's no good for karma.

Now for a moment of brutal honesty. I'm going to write down the next five songs that come on shuffle, no cheating, and we'll see how cool I am today. OKAY GO....

1. Walking the Dog -- Rufus Thomas (good start)
2. 2080 --Yeasayer (I don't even know what this is. Seriously confused...listening....not hating it...still don't know how it got on my computer)
3. Black Swam -- Thom Yorke (From his solo album The Eraser. To be fair, my brother downloaded this, he ups my cool factor)
4. Black Cow -- Steely Dan
5. Stronger Than Me -- Amy Wino

Okay, that could have been a lot worse. If I were someone else reading this, I would totally want to be my friend. Steely Dan? Ya! This girl fucking rocks. Thank you iTunes, for not playing the Pussycat Dolls and humiliating me in front of these nice people.


  1. Oh Dear God, Mine is going to be awful.

    Hindu Times - Oasis
    The Scientist - Coldplay
    Farval, Farval - Basshunter (I got into some Swedish Techno when I was in Copenhagen, just don't ask. I Hate Techno. However, Boten Anna by Basshunter is sweeeet)
    Shake Dat Laffy Taffy - D4L (Umm...)
    Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss) - Eminem and 50 Cent Featuring Busta Rhymes

    I enjoy listening to a grand total of ZERO of those songs. I press next about 20 times between each song when it's on shuffle. 4,000 songs and I like about 6.

  2. The Ja Rule Diss is my favourite.

    You are pretty uncool, Gord. Only the club kids you make fun of would want to be your friend with those tunes.

    The Scientist? I know for a fact that is every club kid's #1 wind down song. Sure you're not one of them?

  3. I thought the club kids WERE the cool kids? Shit I am so discombobulated now.

    I'm doing a redo on the iPod...I really hope its not even worse. There is so much shitty european techno and other unmentionables on there...

    That's That - Snoop Dogg (I'll take it)
    Empress so Divine - Warrior King (Lil Reggae, DKM Approved)
    Long Time - The Roots
    Plateau - Nirvana
    Blow at High Dough - The Hip

    MUCH BETTER, and I swear I didn't cheat.

    I just looked at song was Lovefool by the Cardigans...sigh.


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