Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cry Baby Update

Yesterday, I asked my lady friends to send me embarassing cry stories. I got great feedback (two messages!) and totally feel better today.

From Tamara:
you know that animal rights infomercial thing with Charlize Theron where she talks about the bears having to dance on hot coals all day to entertain people so their owners can make money? that makes me cry. oh, and often, episodes of One Tree Hill, specifically those scenes involving Uncle Dan and the kid (I hope you are cooler than me and dont know anything about this)

Actually, I don't know those infomercials because I always successfully change the channel within the first 2.1 seconds they air. I would watch the whole thing, but I don't want my eyeballs to melt.

Tamara's revelation doesn't surprise me. She's always had a soft spot for animals. Years ago, she rescued a sickly bat and gave him a good home. Meet Dolce:

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