Thursday, February 5, 2009

Change of Plans

Hey! Great news everyone—I totally like The Wire! It took me five episodes to catch on, but now I’m all over it. This is good news because I no longer feel inadequate for not grasping the genius of the “greatest show ever made.” Seriously, anyone who is anyone declares The Wire the best show of all time (anyone being DKM and his friend Gord, who writes an awesome blog).

So what brought about the change of heart? It was last night's episode, which brought about a happy turn of events. Get this-- it featured TELLY from KIDS!! Holy fuck, can you believe it?!

KIDS is one of the greatest movie ever, and no character sickens me more than TELLY. He seriously turns my stomach. He was a main reason I fiercely guarded my virginity for so long.

Remember him?
Virgins. I love ‘em.

I hope you weren’t thinking of this Telly:

What me, worry?
Yes you. Fucking Telly.

For years, I wondered what ever happened to the guy. Since I hadn’t seen the “actor” in anything besides KIDS (until now), I truly believed TELLY was not a character. TELLY was gross, TELLY was convincing, TELLY was real.

I’m a little upset to learn that TELLY (who resembles our boy Phelps a little, no?) is indeed an actor. BUT the joy of our reunion overrides any disappointment. TELLY is back to nausteate me. I'm so happy!!

So yea, I have to thank The Wire.

Thank you, The Wire for being my new favourite show forever and ever*

**Though I really wish your main character wasn't called McNulty. Everytime I hear his name, I think of Nick Nolte and then I picture this: Very distracting.

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