Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Any Excuse to Post Photos of Dogs

**Westminster update**

Four of the seven group judgings went down yesterday and I'm pretty disappointed with the results. The Scots are cleaning up, there's a surprise badass in town, and the fucking poodles can't be stopped. Here are yesterday's winners:

HOUND: Scottish Deerhound
BORING! This bitch beat out the Basset. Have you ever seen a Basset you didn't like? Obviously the judges weren't awarding points for cuteness.

TERRIER: Scottish Terrier.
This is more like it. Jacques from Lady & the Tramp can win this thing and I'd be happy. Have you ever seen a Scotty dog run? hahaha its little paws go nuts. Funniest thing ever.

NON-SPORTING: Poodle (Standard)

Of course. Do Poodles put out? Seriously, I don't understand how they are the most winning breed of all time. I GUESS they're the dog that most closely resembles a human, with their designer haircuts and all. Poodley sluts. This result really irks me because the 2nd and 3rd place contestants were the French and English Bulldog. For shame judge, for shame! Eff the Poodle, I'm posting a photo of an intelligent bulldog instead.
Now there's a dark horse I can get behind. I'm too lazy to do the research but I'm pretty sure the rasta of dogs has never won the Westminster. Upset! Upset!

Best in Show tonight...

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