Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allow me to be a total girl for a minute...

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I already know what my special treat is. DKM is really good at setting up surprises, while I’m exceptionally good at getting him to tell me what they are. I can be very persuasive.

So my pressie is a stay at the Ritz-Carlton. Yayy! Hotel nights are my favouritest. Last time we stayed at the Ritz it was stupidly romantical…champagne and cookies shaped like camels, and dream beds that look like this:
Valentine’s Day has always been special for us. Our relationship's been on and off in past years, but we’ve always somehow been ON for Vday.
**Sorry if I’m about to make you wretch, but I'm engaged. Please fuck off. If I can’t gush about my relationship now, when can I?

In first year at UWO, valentines fell when we weren’t yet officially dating. It was more of a regular hookup thing you don’t want to define, because you’re in first year and well, you know what that’s like. Despite our non-official status, he bought me some Bailey’s and a box of penis pasta. Probably the greatest budget present a broke ass student can come up with. All the girls in my residence were dancing around for me. My roommate Cath and I ate the pasta with magic mushrooms a few months later. They were really gross. It was the last time he bought me novelty food, but I was still really happy.
Penis pasta: best served on the shelf

In second year, he cooked me dinner in his basement. This house was grimy, let me tell you. After he moved out, the walls were torn up because of mold. It was dirt. His efforts however, were insanely sweet. There was romantic music and chocolate strawberries and his roommates upstairs smoking weed, playing XBOX. I miss university.

Last year, he was in Doha and I was in Toronto. Oceans apart and what have you. DKM bought me a gift certificate to the Condom Shack, fully aware of my affinity for…things you can buy at the Condom Shack. When I cashed in my loot, the cashier girl was insanely impressed with my boyfriend’s savvy.

There were other valentines, but they blend together. I think I made him dinner in third year, while fourth year I can’t remember at all. I was especially drunk in my last year.

Have a great Valentines everyone. If you’re attached, I hope you are showered with presents and romance and lingerie sex. If single, go out and have wild, uninhibited drunken hookups. That’s what Vday is all about too.
No regrets.

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