Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts on Ben Mulroney

He’s a knob. End of post.

I’m just fooling. That would be far too easy. While I’d love to side with the majority of the blogosphere and write him off as King of the douches and a silver-spoon fed ninny, I can’t agree. After working in somewhat close proximity to the guy, I can’t say I hate him.* In fact, I think he’s a bit of all right.
*Ed note. When I started working there I really, really wanted to hate him. It would have been so fun. Alas, this was not to be.

In Defense of Ben Mulroney

1.) He really is that perky and excitable in person
I know what you’re thinking. A grating television persona amplified in real life = very bad thing! When I realized that his cheery on-screen “act” wasn’t a farce, I softened. I saw a lot of on-air talent and celebrities who were unpleasant and miserable off-camera, and his happiness was refreshing. He was nice to everyone, even the horrendous Twilight super-fans and the weenie guy who followed him around all day.*
* I probably shouldn’t divulge that, but I live in a different country now, weenie can’t touch me!

2.) He’s tall
Everybody is short these days. He’s not. For the win.

3.) He has good taste in YouTube videos
As a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan, I was aghast when Mulroney was raving about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and I was totally unawares. If you’re unfamiliar, please take a half hour one evening, and enjoy. It’s top-notch entertainment, and really, anyone who appreciates the genius of NPH can’t be all bad.

4.) He has more edumacation than I
Bitch has a law degree. It puts my post grad diploma in public relations (JOKE) to shame, and I can’t help but respect people who stayed in school longer than I did.

5.) He didn’t go into politics
While I would give a kidney to see him square off against the blindingly beautiful Justin Trudeau (and watch Canadians shit themselves), I think it’s cool he didn’t follow Daddy to Ottawa. If given the choice, I’d rather interact with a Halle Berry-type than a Belinda Stronach. I hope to answer this question differently when I’m out of my 20s. Man, I’m vacuous today.

6.) He looks like he can party
I like to enjoy a casual 24 now and again, and judging by this photo, so does Ben. Dude clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. Respect.

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