Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doha and Toronto are Different. Part 2

It's time I took a quick break from playing freecell for the last....TWO HOURS!? Fuck.

One might say I have too much time on my hands. Well, fuck you! I don't have a job here yet. Freecell is comforting. Probably because I'm soooo good at it, and I feel better when I'm kicking something's ass. You should watch me play text twist. I promise you'll feel worse about yourself after about three minutes. I'm so good it will immediately affect your self-worth.
Ed note: I wrote this last night but didn't post it because I got drunk instead. All it took were two glasses of wine and one gin and tonic. My tolerance abandoned me in Toronto. This is a shame, I used to be really good at drinking. Now I'm hungover, wearing a bathrobe, and stalling until I have to put in my contacts and brush my teeth.

So anyway. I'm heading to Dubai this weekend. If I make it on the plane, my visit will be infinitely more successful than the last time I didn't go to Dubai.

Funny story actually....

Back in May, my man friend forgot to get his exit permit, which you need to leave the country. We got held up at airport security and missed the flight. A lot of yelling, bitch eyes, some crying and then the silent treatment followed. It was quite a display.

In the end, everything turned out between me and DKM. We stayed in Doha but got put up at the Ritz. He then more than made it up to me on the balcony. (Note to DKM, be careful what you wish for).

That story wasn't funny at all. Apologies.

For me, the exciting thing about Dubai isn't the nightlife, the spa treatments, or the sweet hotels. It's the pigs. You can't get any pork in Qatar, being a Muslim country and all. Though this breakfast place here serves something on a club sandwich that looks and tastes a lot like ham. Honestly, it's probably cat. Ignorance is good eating.
So yea, I'm pretty excited to get obliterated and eat some bacon the way it was intended-- hungover

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